Frances Poer(non-registered)
You do a great job taking all these pictures. I get such pleasure keeping up with the kids from so far away... Thanks for all you do for these kids! I can watch Ty and Jake in all their activities now- along with your precious daughter and Rooster.
Laura King(non-registered)
Very good Andrea...great pictures! Good luck on your Trapped in Time pages. oxoxoxo
Vicky Gribble-Wright(non-registered)
Andrea, you have done so much in such a short time. Your photographs of all the kids at the Stock Shows have truly Trapped In Time memories that will remain to enjoy for al long time. The first week of the 2013 RGVLS has been amazing and you have Trapped so many more memories. Looking forward to the last week of he show for this show season and so many more moments "Trapped In Time" Best of Luck and Tons of Love!! Granny Vic!!
Mari S. Galvan(non-registered)
Andrea - Your pics are awesome!...Thanks for ALL your time capturing Highland Hustlers 4-Her's!
Stephanie Rhyner(non-registered)
The pictures from STYSS are AWESOME !!!! Now we all need to order, order, order!!!!
Thank you Andrea, Kevin, and Montanna for all your hard work!!!!
Stephanie Rhyner(non-registered)
Andrea is a new and upcoming photographer............She is definately passionate about "Trapping" your special moment. If if wasn't for Andrea trapping our families moments at the livestock shows, we wouldn't have any memories to look back on. I will be posting some of those moments she captured for us, just to show you the quality of work she is capable of. Thank you Andrea, Kevin, and Montana for all your long and hard hours of following us around and "Trapping" our families memories.

See you at the show,

The Rhyner Family
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